Here are some useful links that I have found around the web.

What to link to

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Title: Guitar Repair Tools
Description: A site is dedicated to providing useful articles about common and unique guitar repair tools, so you can learn how to repair your own guitars.

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<p><a target="_blank" href="">Guitar Repair Tools</a><br /> A site dedicated to providing the best instructional articles about guitar repair tools, so you can repair and build your own guitars.</p>

After you place a link on your site, email me. I'll review your site. If it is a quality guitar or music related site, I'd be happy to link back to you.

Guitar Lessons

How to Play Guitar
A great site with lessons on just about every playing style there is. Instructors are friendly and the videos are easy to follow.

Guitar Lesson Cardiff
Guitar Teachers in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. Lessons for all levels.

Other Great Music Related Sites

Drums - Drum Sets
The best selection of drums, drum sets, recording gear for drums and percussion instruments.

Instrument Wire
Used guitars and musical instruments for sale.